Skipping Now in Vacaville, CA!

I love the freedom or spirit, playfulness, and joy that skipping makes me feel!
-Raechel Winklestine, founder of the Vacaville Skipping Wellness Group
Skipping magic is being made in Vacaville, California these days thanks to the efforts of skipping star Raechel Winklestine who started a Meetup Group and is leading group skips on a regular basis!20161112_153641
We recently sat down to talk to Raechel about her love for skipping and here’s what she had to say.
When did you start skipping as an adult?
Three Years ago! I kept a blog for a while where I did random things like leave kind notes in pockets at the Goodwill store, try a new meetup group, and one day I decided to skip everywhere for a day!  I always loved skipping as a kid and one of my friends hung out with me that day and we skipped everywhere it has become a favorite memory.  About a month ago, I told my husband I want it to be okay for adults to go to the park for a skip so for fun I googled, “Adults skipping in public,” and found iSkip! Now I am a regular.

You recently created a Skipping meetup group in Vacaville, CA.  Tell us what people who come to your events can expect.

Yes I did!  In this group we will pick trails, parks or places to take a skip. Our time together will also include intervals of walking, sidestepping, random dancing, grounding exercises and more!  I am really open for this group to develop.  I would like to add music and perhaps a theme or intention for each skip and organize events to skip for a cause.  “Don’t skip the important stuff, skip for it!”  
I really love community, this is also an opportunity for people to build relationships, be silly, and heal.  We all have hard times or hard things in life.  Through my own self work I 20161112_150804have learned how essential it is to make space and give yourself permission for fun and playing.   Honestly, there are many possibilities for many different things in the future for the Vacaville Skipping Wellness Group

What do you love most about skipping?

I love the freedom or spirit, playfulness, and joy that skipping makes me feel!

Where is your favorite place to skip?

Outside, a trail or a field.  I really love to be surrounded by nature, trees and dirt!

What would you say to someone who is too self-conscious to skip?

Well I am all about validating your feelings, so feel your feelings but don’t let it stop you, see why you feel that way and work with it.  Feelings transform and come and go.  Allow yourself to be curious and engage in the activity, laugh about it.

Do you think skipping makes the world a better place? If so, how?

I do!  I think it teaches us and reminds us how we all felt free and unhindered by life as a child, at some point.  It can be silly and cheesy and that’s the very best thing.  In my opinion, I feel adults need to be allowed to play.  We need to reconnect with that, so many people feel stuck and need movement in their lives.  Skipping really opens up your heart to many pure feelings.  Plus it is a great workout.  I put the word Wellness in the group name so that it encompasses the whole mind, body, spirit connection that skipping brings. 
What’s the best way for people who want to skip with you in Vacaville to reach out?
Three ways.  I’d suggest joining the Meetup Group  first.  It is organized and allows members to connect well, event planning and such.  They can also join our Facebook group or send me an email me with “skipping” in the subject line!

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  • January 20, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    I used to do non-rope skipping when I lived in Vancouver West End in 1979 and 1980

    I can remember one day doing hat an old lady greeted me pleasantly and said:
    “I wish I could do that.”

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