AM Northwest Skipping Challenge

It’s Kim / Skipper here posting on the eve of my live Zoom interview on AM Northwest in Portland!

I am feeling inspired to offer a PORTLAND SKIPPING CHALLENGE for those of you who caught the interview and are looking for a fun excuse to put an extra skip in your step.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to record a short skipping video at an iconic Portland location and to share it on Instagram with the hashtags #iskipportland  and #theskippingmovement ….and just in case you are reading this and don’t live in Portland, your mission is the same. Just replace “Portland” with your city’s name in the first hashtag…and everyone gets bonus points if you tag @kimskps and @skippingclub too!

I also love to connect with kindred skipping spirits, and am looking for long time skippers to interview for my book project. If either or both of those things sound like you, please send me an email to say hi!   Skip on!



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