start skipping

There are numerous different ways you can add more skipping to your life.

Skip for Fitness – Skipping burns twice as many calories as walking, has less impact on your joints than running, and is a lot more fun!  You can skip on the treadmill, skip on the street, or skip around your house.  You can skip for long distances; walk a block, run a block, and skip a block; or walk four steps then skip four steps, walk for steps than skip four steps, etc. The most important thing to remember while skipping for fitness is that it is supposed to be fun and uplifting! Skip for as long or for as short a distance as your body feels inspired to skip!

Skip for Fun – The positive energy, joy, and even the silliness that skipping brings to our lives is fun, fun, fun!  Skip with your kids, skip in the grocery store, the next time you are out with a group of people invite them to skip with you! There are unlimited ways that you can bring more fun to your life through skipping.

Skip as a Spiritual Practice – Our ego likes to feel in control and is afraid of what others will think. It says, “Are you crazy? Everyone will think you’ve lost it You’re going to annoy people with your joy.”..and lots of other self-critical stuff. At the same time, our childlike spirits long to feel the liberation and freedom that skipping provides. When we can learn to simply observe our ego’s fear and then choose to skip on despite it, we develop the spiritual strength necessary for inner peace.

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