Skipping in Charlotte

This skip report came from a skipper named Kim in Charlotte, NC who was iskip’s first head skipper!

Charlotte finally had a group skip….about 14 people joined the fun…. It was a spur of the moment skip. I noticed that people were walking along my street with numbers on…I went outside to find out why and they said it was for MS and that they would be walking for 3 days over 35 miles…. They told me that they would go from my home about one more mile for the day and that the water station was right up the street. I was so impressed that most had the disease that I started to give them inspiration when they were in front of my house. (Which is on a very busy street). I walked with a few and then decided that I would skip the rest of the way… once I began a few more joined in and more and more and more and then saw some friends of mine who also joined in and the other walkers were so impressed and relieved they were near the end that they started to skip as well. Some of the skippers themselves were even crippled with MS and started to gain all of this energy by the skipping going on around them. It was a blast.

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