Ode to Peter Pan

My two best friends and I live in a dorm. We are all seniors this year so we will be graduating and going to College soon. We all fear growing up. We are afraid that the increase in our ages will make us grow apart. One night we were all sitting in my room talking and giggling, as we are known to do, and I stumbled upon your website. We all thought that it was the silliest and most fabulous thing we have ever seen. In honor of your and “Peter Pan’s” cause we wrote this poem and we hope that you like it.

Ode to Peter Pan and Friends:
In times that seem uneasy,
our stomachs become quite queezy.
Being grown up seems oh so scary,
I don’t want to get old, wrinkled, and hairy
responsibility is very daunting,
the idea of it all is really haunting.
So skip! Skip on Kim and Friends!
The super duper fun never ends!
Live Free forever with love and trust!
Don’t forget pixi dust is a must!

With Much Love and Admiration,
Violetta, Jacadie, Amber

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