Skippers Over 50

I’m working up to going skipping down our road regularly, but I think I need a t-shirt first. I was thinking of asking my son to make me one for my upcoming 55 year birthday that said, “Skippers over 50” to give me some “legitimacy” but your website tells the story so well, I want it to say Would you mind? My best skipping story:

In the 80’s, I was in Yosemite camping and had just climbed to the top of Glacier Point disappointed after the long trail of switchbacks, that a tour bus had arrived at the same time, and that storm clouds were gathering. Not wanting to get wet, I found that skipping was the fastest way down, and got into a rhythm, had a fun time, and beat the rain. A little while later at the bottom, a man remarked, “There’s the wood nymph that was skipping down the trail.” He was smiling and so was I.

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