Skipping the Brooklyn Bridge by Laurie Sheppard

Thanks for the Brooklyn Bridge Skip. I have never gone across it and I am a native New Yorker. My daughter Lala fell asleep right at 2pm, and at that time there were 6 1/2 of us. I was on a pretty tight time schedule, so asked if nytwoanyone wanted to skip with me even though the head skipper hadn’t arrived yet.

This great couple, from San Francisco, now New Yorkers were also psyched to go, so we took off spreading the word. The other 3 decided to wait. So Bob, Aya and I were off and skipping excited about crossing the Bridge. This couple were like Honeymooners laughing and skipping the whole way making people go under like the London Bridge game.  We met nycouplephotographers along the way who read about the Skip in Time Out and thought there would be more of us, but we assured them more would come.

We met two skippers coming the other way who must have started earlier. People got a kick out it, and two kids imitated the happy couple while the
mom remarked that it’s contagious and I convinced the mom and her friend to try it and they did and started laughing.

On my way back, the couple skipped ahead onto their next adventure and I met up with Gavin and about 15 others with signs and happy faces.nyspread

Thanks for getting me out of my neighborhood and the exercise of a mile each way. I didn’t know it only took 15 minutes to cross.

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