Stealth Skipping Skip Tip

This SKIP TIP is from a skipper named Attrice. It originated on her Exceptionally Fat blog that used to be about body acceptance but is now about fitness, health and yes, weight loss. Skip on over and check her out:

If you’re worried about what other people think of a grown person skipping, you can do what I do and play the game of stealth skipping. This game is super awesome both for sheer silliness and because everyone else is playing with you, only they don’t know it. My gym has a track where the two curved ends are behind a wall. I make it a game to start skipping when I am safely behind the wall and then i don’t stop until I am spotted at which point I slow down to a respectable walk which totally fools everyone. “Hey is that woman skipp….No, she’s just walking.”

Skip on, Attrice!

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