Skipping in Norway!

There’s an Oslo Skipping Klubb on Facebook! Here’s a translation of its description, which was originally written in Norweigan…

This is a group for those of you who are sick of walking, taking the bus, taxi, tram or bike, when getting from a to b. Skipping is not only a great way to get in shape, it is easy and fun too. You can skip alone or together with others. UK Comedian Michael Mcintyre says it well: even if skipping (until now) has been socially unacceptable for all people older than 6 years, it is actually a strangely easy way to get places. Everyone has thought about it, It hardly takes any effort to skip. Running/jogging is hard as hell, while skipping is fantastic!

We recommend everyone to share photographs, films, tip, and any advice when it comes to skipping. It does not cost anything to join as a member today! But if the response is great, we will print up T-shirts, headbands etc.

A little tip: If you plan on skipping far, you should think about what shoes you choose to wear. What are you waiting for…skip loud and skip proud!

We caught up with Kristian Lorentzen, the President of the Norwegian Skipping Movement to see what inspired him to start the Oslo Skipping Klubb and here’s what he had to say…

What inspired you to create your fan page for the Oslo Skipping club on Facebook? Well, it all started with this guy. He is a funny man and it looked funny (everybody has tried it as a child) but now I felt it was the right time to skip as an adult.

When was the first time you skipped as an adult? Can you describe the experience? Hmmmm, I think it was the same night as I found the above video on YouTube. Me and my Swedish friend Douglas Wilson was drinking John Lee (Whisky) and Coke and when we left my apartment we just started skipping. We often take a bus down to the city of Oslo but this night we felt electric so we skipped from bar to bar and made many people smile on our way. I think we inspired many people to come put of the skipping-closet that night. And when you make a girl smile at first sight…well, that`s a pretty good start.

What do you love about skipping? I love that it`s impossible not to smile, I love it because it`s so easy and you can get from a-b much faster then if you walk and you always arrive in a good mood.

What do you make of the “Skipping Movement” that is bubbling up all over the world?I`m just glad to be a skipping person! I think it tells much about a person.

What advice do you have for someone that would like to skip but is feeling too inhibited to give it a try? Hmmm well, I guess I`m not the best person to give this advice since I had to drink whisky before skipping for the first time. But c`mon….the life is to short to be shy and inhibited.

Would you date an American girl and how can they get in contact with you? Well, thanks for asking! Yes, I would love to date an American girl! They can contact me via email and make sure that they check out my Skipping band!

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