Simon Skips!

We discovered Amsterdam based skipper Simon Groen thanks to the wildly popular YouTube skipping video he produced and starred in that has nearly 77K views and counting.

iSkip founder Kim Corbin recently had the opportunity to skip with Simon when he was visiting the San Francisco Bay area, and she asked him the following questions about his video and passion for skipping.

What inspired your video? One day I just started skipping spontaneously. A friend of mine laughed at me and as a result I tried some different kinds of skipping. Then I found comedy by skipping very energetically, while at the same moment keeping my facial expression very neutral/serious. It’s a comedian thing to search for the comic in every action.

Are you a regular skipper? Yes Definitely. I skip at least once a week.

Do you think that skipping makes the world a better place? If so, how?Skipping represents the light, happy and bright side of life. Life should be effortless in a way and skipping refers to that. Therefore I believe it makes the world a better place.

How has your video been received? Our skipping video is one of our best reviewed videos! Also some people say it reminds them of Monty Pythons ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’. I also think the success of this video can be explained by a deep human desire for skipping.

Here’s Simon’s amazing video. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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