Public Skipping Activist Bar from Berlin

A public skipping activist named Bar (they/them) who lives and skips in Berlin, Germany is our latest inductee into the Skipping Hall of Fame.  Bar is on a mission to normalize public skipping via their @publicskipping account on Instagram that regularly highlights skipping videos from all over the world.

From city streets to rural countryside, @publicskipping captures the spirit of skipping and shares it with the world. Here is what Bar had to say when we asked  asked about the inspiration behind  their unique and uplifting account.

What is your name and where do you live?

My name is Bar (they/them).  I’m 33 years-old and have liveed in Berlin for the past 8.5 years after growing up in Israel.

How and when did you first start skipping as an adult?

I think I always liked skipping as an adult too, I would just do it less in the street because I felt shy, but I remember in semi public spaces like the university’s long corridors I would do it to get places faster or sometimes I would skip in public but just a few steps to go a little faster and to not drag much attention.

What is the mission behind @publicskipping and what inspired you to create it?

The idea of @publicskipping came to me some years ago, but it took time until I found the time and motivation. I was in CalArts for two exchange semesters and the months after coming back were very difficult for me emotionally. So, from this low point in my life, I decided to finally start this project because I know that projects like this make me feel happier and more connected to myself.

I thought being shy to skip in public was nonsense and kept thinking about how I wanted to normalize it. I don’t understand why it’s so cute when children do it in the street, but for adults it’s considered strange. It’s faster than walking and more fun than running and should be as walking or running to move around.

I was a rebel since kindergarten and never accepted social norms as they are. Skipping connects for me to my feelings I have had my whole life about who I am in the world. I feel different than most people in many ways and wish that I, and everybodyelse, can just be themselves and not fit ourselves into some social norm. It’s an aggressive thing that happens to us that people don’t realize. I want everybody to be themselves happily and not be scared about it.

What do you love most about skipping?

I love that skipping magically makes you smile a lot of the time and that even when it’s somewhat sporty physically, I still enjoy it. It’s really freeing and fun.

Where is your favorite place to skip?

I don’t have a favorite place to skip yet! But I’m generally not too good in picking favorites. I like it everywhere I can feel comfortable doing it, and my wish is to expand the amount of places that meet that criteria.

Do you think skipping makes the world a better place? If so, how?

YES!!! When we skip in public, it projects something in the people who see us too. Maybe it brings everybody one step closer to feeling comfortable being themselves. Maybe they just find us funny and cute.

I had a similar experience the past few years having a cute stuffed animal on top of my bike helmet. I kind of forgot that it’s there, but people kept smiling at me in the streets from time to time.

I also smile often when I see someone singing to themselves loudly or dancing in public. It’s just a better world when people are being themselves and enjoying it!

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