Tax Day Skip in Seattle

In April 2000, the head skipper in Seattle got some nice press coverage for a Tax Day Skip she organized in Seattle, WA. This article ran in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer covered the event. Congrats, Emily!! Here is her report on how the skip went:

Less people than I had expected ended up coming, but what we lacked in numbers, we made up in fun. Alki seemed a bit quiet for a beautiful Saturday. Maybe the stock market thing has got people down. Wish they knew how much they need to skip. Our small parade of four skipped for over an hour. We had a couple of joiners mid-skip. Channel 13 was there shooting film. We made the ten o’clock news!!! The attendees were very enthusiastic and full of great ideas on how to promote ourselves and our happy movement mission. The weather was fantastic. The first group skip was like a dream come true for me. I know that sounds silly, but… I just thought it was a real hoot. A cute boy told me he thought skipping was “Brilliant!” Little kids looked at us in wonder. So did old people. Ok, everybody thought we were a little crazy. Hooray! I called out to people to join in. I would never do that alone. I skipped farther than I would have alone. When we finished, my body ached. Thank you to Tatia, Melinda and Sherry for coming out. It was great fun.

We later heard from Emily that while she was hanging out flyers at a happy hour the night before her skip, one of the guys she told about the skip ended coming to the skip. And, are you ready for this? They are now married!

Emily skipped before the ceremony to get rid of the jitters and to celebrate her good fortune. Some wedding guests were also spotted skipping. Here’s to a lifetime of skipping happily ever after!

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