Skipping Research

This email was written by Allen Burton who was a Professor at the School of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies – University of Minnesota…

My son told me about your website on skipping, and I was very interested in it because I have done some research on the affective aspects of skipping. Last year, I had a paper published titled “Skipping and hopping of undergraduates: Recollections of when and why.” Here’s the final paragraph from my paper:

“Izard (1993), in her multisystem model of emotion activation, explained that particular movement behaviors may be manifestations of cognitive-mediated affect. This certainly appears to be case for skipping: people feel happy or funny and so they skip. Izard also argued that emotion may be generated by particular movement behaviors, such as skipping, but this concept is beyond the scope of this study. A hypothesis that needs to be addressed in future research is that most persons who skip will immediately experience an increase in positive affect. Such work may have some interesting clinical applications.”

Many of your statement are right in line with my results! –Allen Burton, Professor, School of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies – University of Minnesota

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