I Skip & I Love It!

From a skipper named Sabrina in Provo, UT….

I caught the Donny & Marie segment on skipping. It was so inspiring to see Kim Corbin’s pure love of skipping shine through. Her energy was infectious. So I just had to try it myself. I loved to skip as a child & have played around a little as an adult with it. But never considered it as an exercise routine. I have a treadmill collecting dust & I am not a runner.

After the show I went outside & tried it. All I could do is smile & laugh. It was a great feeling. I felt my child within soar. Of course you have friends & family tell you you’ll look foolish or people will laugh. But that is the best part, you are going against the normal way of thinking & doing what makes you feel good. It is quite liberating.

I have not yet included it as a regular exercise yet. But I will be. I have plenty of my friends kids that want to join in the fun, too but my adult friends don’t know what they are missing. Maybe I can infect them too.

This 38 year old is celebrating my child within. What a great way to kick off a day then skipping down the street with a huge grin on your face. No one can bring ya down. I am proud to say yes I Skip & I love it!!!!

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