Skipping in Central Park

Here’s a recap of a skip through New York’s Central Park that happened in September 0f 2001..

Lauren, Jay, Elaine, Gary, Heidi, and Bob [Heidi’s fun-loving dog] had a wonderful skip Saturday September 8th, 2001 in Central Park! We met at Columbus Circle and did some hula-hooping and jump-hooping. Then, skipping on, we took an awesome ride on the Carousel, which Jay had been dying to do, and saw lots of little kiddies with balloons running and skipping about in their playful fashion.

We continued skipping to the top of the mall (with Gary singing a lot of the way), where we saw the International Harvest Festival. There was Celtic music, meditation-type chanting, and Gospel too! (Lauren did a Harmonious Skip through the audience looking for other skippers, but ours remained a small – albeit dedicated – crowd.) So we did a pretty difficult Down-the-Stairs Skip [which Bob liked] toward the lake, where we encountered a huge chess tournament, and a gigantic chessboard with a group of kids hopping and jumping around on it. It was a great sight.

We shouted out to lots of people as we skipped through, of course, including a bewildered-looking guy who was watching us as he tried to read “Crime and Punishment”. (I assume it was hard to do both at once!) Before we called it a day, Jay, Gary, and Lauren did a Sprinkler Skip — right through the yard — and were NOT at all harassed by authorities for doing so. Yay! Then Heidi, Elaine, and Gary headed south-west to find a bookstore [maybe they skipped all the way there!] and Jay and Lauren went back to the Harvest Festival. The sun shone, the music played, the people smiled, and the skippers skipped. A truly fun-filled day!

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  • July 17, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Central Park is a great place to skip… but it’s almost too great… I feel like a spoiled skipper when I skip there.

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