Skipping is Snazzily Fantastic!

I received this email from a skipper named Adam and wanted to share it. He speaks the truth…Skip on!

I am an 18 year-old male A-level student who has been skipping for years in many many places. In fact one of my fondest memories of my marvy girlfriend Helena is of, before we were going out, skipping in-time down the corridors of school. I also have wonderful memories of us skipping together in HMV, down country roads, in the cinema and alongside a cycle path.

This is never planned, we just tend to sporadically burst into skipping. Before that, I have often encouraged members of my drama society to skip. We take a break half way through our 3 hour session to go to the local co-op. Almost every time I skip and I have managed to get up to five people to join me. Yeah!

Skipping is snazzily fantastic and it a great, fun and surprisingly fast way to get around. Honestly, people should have no reservations about skipping. None what-so-ever.

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