Skipping in Oklahoma…is OK!

“The SOONER you skip, the SOONER you’ll smile.” -Dave May

Dave May is an inspiring skipper in the Sooner State. A big part of his life work is inspiring young people to be true to themselves and get fit in the process. Dave (left) is pictured here with his daughter Emily and Oklahoma skippinggovdaveemilyGovernor Brad Henry.

In the summer of 2004, Dave traveled the state and shared his message of fitness and fun with schools and libraries. He has even enlisted the support of Oklahoma State Senator David Myers who will officially proclaimed Dave the “Skipping Ambassador of Oklahoma!”

Here are Dave May’s thoughts on skipping, “It’s almost impossible to skip and frown at the same time. Skipping raises your heart rate, burns calories, builds muscle, improves physical coordination, forces you to overcome fear of what other people might think, reconnects you with the joy of childhood, makes you and most people who see you smile, and it’s absolutely free! Skipping makes you healthier and happier at the same time, that’s why I want my fellow Oklahomans to discover the joy of skipping.”

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