Worldwide Skipping Day!

On Sunday July 31st 2011, the first annual SUDS (Skipping Up and Down the Street Day) , which was the inspiration of Toronto skipper Dawna Marie Wright, happened all over the world!

Over 6000 kindred skipping spirits from around the globe participated in this fun event by skipping at some point during the day on Sunday July 31st wherever they were (whether physically or simply w/ in their heart.)

Dawna has already created the Facebook page for the 2nd annual Skipping Up and Down the Street Day on 7/31/ please take a moment to RSVP on the event page to show your support and join the fun! We’d also love it if you could help us spread the word about the event by forwarding the invite to your like-minded FB friends so they can RSVP and join the skipping fun too!

We’re really looking forward to our next collective virtual skip onJuly 31st, 2012! Until then, skip loud, skip proud, and skip on!

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