Worldwide Skipping Day was 7/31

The 3rd Annual Skipping Up and Down the Street Day (SUDS) on Wednesday July 31st was a great success with over 500 skippers from all over the world participating!

SUDS is a day where young and old alike celebrate skipping, smiling, laughing and silly fun all over the worldelmo

It’s a perfect day for those who have been hesitant to start skipping to give it a try. Even it’s just a few skips in the privacy of your own home, this is the day to kick up your heels and give yourself permission to get your skip on while knowing that you aren’t alone.

Over 6,000 skippers from all over the globe have participated via Facebook in skipping day events over the past three years.

Michelle Joni of Michelle Joni Skipping Club fame painted the streets of New York with her usual flare and got Elmo and Minny Mouse to join in the fun!

In Novato, CA an enthusiastic group of skippers got together to celebrate at this afternoon skipping event..

You can check out the event’s Facebook page to read posts from others who sent in other skipping reports!

Mark your calendars for July 31, 2013 for the 4th annual Skipping Up & Down the Street Day event!

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