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We are pleased to offer this short excerpt from the new ebook The Perfect Balance Diet: 4 Weeks to a Lighter Body, Mind, Spirit & Space by Lissa Coffey.

Lissa’s book a modern day approach to weight loss based on ancient wisdom to deal with the stress, clutter, negativity, and toxins that cause us to get out of balance.

Skipping is one of the things she prescribes. 🙂 perfect_balance_diet_ebook


MOVEMENT An Excerpt from The Perfect Balance Diet by Lissa Coffey

A big part of this holistic plan for Perfect Balance is movement.  Movement is natural for us – we are designed for movement, to get from one place to another using our own energy.

The word “exercise” seems unnatural to us.  Perhaps because we’re not moving enough, we feel the need to impose movement upon our bodies to stay in shape and maintain our state of balance.  Somehow when we were young we could just go out and play and that would be exercise enough.  But somewhere down the line we got stuck behind our desks and now we have to schedule in time to “work out.”  Work sounds much more tedious than play, doesn’t it?

So let’s change our mind-set.  Instead of working out, getting some exercise, let’s go play!  Let’s revel in all types of movement that gets our bodies in tune with our potential.  After all, when we are moving our bodies we are sending fresh blood and oxygen to all of our organs – it is the whole body that feels the benefits of movement.

Think about all the types of movement that appeal to you.  Morning stretches in bed can help you to wake up.  A walk in the sunshine helps to keep you grounded throughout the day.  After sitting at a desk, and being on the computer for an extended period of time, it feels good to do some yoga poses, and shoulder openers, some you can do right from your chair.
BeachLargeIn the theme of going out to play – I love to skip!  It sounds silly, but it is much more appealing to me than running.

My friend Kim “Skipper” Corbin started a website that has gotten a skipping movement underway.  I have to admit, sometimes when I see someone coming the other direction, doing a jog or power walk, I start to walk.  But then I think – how is this any different than any other kind of movement?  The only difference I can see is that I’m having fun!

Whether we’re strapping wheels to our feet to rollerblade, or jumping up and down on a trampoline, we’re making use of our bodies.

There’s a park by our home, and I also love to go swing on the swings.  Sometimes I have to wait for my turn if there are kids there.  But I love when kids are there because it reminds me of the childlike quality with which we can approach movement.  We don’t need to stress about how well we are doing with any particular movement; we just need to move!  And in this movement we are actually celebrating our lives, our connection with the earth, and our place upon the planet.

We can skip and dance and twirl down the street if we feel like it!

Excerpted from the ebook The Perfect Balance Diet © by Lissa Coffey. 2013. Reprinted with permission. Lissa Coffey, a lifestyle and relationship expert, founder of, and a leading specialist in Ayurveda has created a personal guide for healthy living through her new book and companion website, She has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America and appears frequently on other television and radio shows.

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