Now Skipping in NYC

Michelle Joni’s Skipping Club is back in session!

The official skipping season runs from May 29 – August 7th.  $20 a skip / plus memberskip options.   Check out the official schedule below.

Michelle Joni’s Skipping Club is a fearless workout and dance party in motion that happens weekly in New York City that has been featured in the Village Voice, Time out New York, Humans of New York, and more.   For New Yorkers in the know, Skipping Club provides a great source of fitness, a weekly dose of joy, and a fun and unique way to discover cool places in the city.

Michelle Joni says, “Are you curious about what skipping can do for your health and heart-happiness? Come! Are you embarrassed just thinking about it? Come! How many things do we not pursue in life because we are afraid to feel embarrassed? Nuts. People LOVE you. And skipping reminds you of that.”



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