Free Skipping Stickers!

Love to skip?  Or know someone who does?  Then don’t miss out on your chance to get one of our new “I Love Skipping” Bumper Stickers!


They are several different ways you can get one of your very own (for a limited time!)…..

1. Send us an email w/ the subject line “I Love Skipping” that answers these questions (1) What you love most about skipping (2) Where is your favorite place to skip (3) What name/address would you like your sticker sent to.  You also must also attach a picture or send a YouTube or Vimeo  video link of you skipping…or no sticker for you!

2. Like us on Facebook…and post a picture or short video of you skipping on our wall. Tell us why you love skipping in the description.  Then send us a message w/ your mailing address through our Facebook page or via email so we know where to send the sticker.

3. If you REALLY love skipping and want to help us spread the skipping word by surprising kids and/or adults you see skipping in your home town with a free sticker, we’ll mail you FIVE stickers! For this option, you’ll need to make a short video that tells us what you love about skipping, and gives us a demo of you skipping. Bonus points if you are skipping in a well recognized landmark in your hometown or offer a skip tip for those new to skipping.   Post your video on YouTube or Vimeo  and email us the link along with your mailing address, and your stickers will be on their way.

4. Paypal $3.00 to kimskips (at) gmail dot com and be sure to include your mailing address.

Complete any one of the above…and your very own “I Love Skipping”  Sticker(s) will be skipping its way to you via the US Mail from California asap!

Our intention is to post the photos and videos we receive on So please keep that in mind. By submitting your photo you are giving us permission to share it on our site.  We’ll be sure to send you a direct link when we do.

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