Skippers Speak

Our FREE STICKER program has been a hot commodity lately! It’s so great to hear skippers from all over the world sing the praises of skipping!  All you have to do to enter is send us a skipping picture and answer three short questions! You’ll find all the details here.

Here are just a few of the lucky skippers who have recently received a free sticker!

Heubert Meussehl in Fremont, OH says, “Skipping makes me (very) happy. It lifts my mood and makes me smile.” His favorite place to skip is anywhere the mood strikes, but says that Walmart parking lots are a good place because others see him and smile!


Diana in Sacramento, CA says, “I love that brief weightless feeling when skipping, and it’s a plus that I can cover more ground faster when skipping. My favorite place to skip is at the dog park with my best doggie bud Koopa.”

Toula in Manhattan, KS says, “I love that moment of pure bliss when I feel my body suspended in the air for a divine split second before falling back to the earth.”

Tess in Carrollton, TX likes to skip in the park and says, “The thing I love most about skipping is that I am in the air!”

Joey in Pine Bluff, Arkansas says, “I love that you and others love skipping! It makes me feel like a kid again! I’m a 52 year old man who still loves to skip! I skip up and down our street to break up my walking\running. I’m sure the neighbors think I’m crazy but I don’t care!”

Nathan in Manhattan, KS loves to skip in the forest and says, “What I love most about skipping is that it turns the most mundane aspect of existence – walking – into a joyous dance, celebrating life with every step.”


Delia in Bexley, OH says, “The thing i love most about skipping is it makes me feel free! Like I’m walking on air and have no troubles. My favorite place to skip is on a summer day, at the sand volleyball courts with my little brother Camden!”

Amy Breedlove in TX says, “My 7 year old son loves skipping and has since he was very little, so I ant to get a sticker to place on the window on his side of the car.  He says that skipping makes him feel happy!  He skips anywhere…down the hall, to and from school…anywhere and everywhere…and constantly!”


Angela in Palmyra, PA says, “I love the freedom it gives me, the wind whipping through my hair, the bouncy-ness that levitates me for just a second! What a rush! Also, I love the looks of bewilderment on the faces of the people who are watching me!  My favorite place to skip is in random places…across a parking lot, down the aisle at a store, or when I’m trying on new shoes (to see if they are they skip-worthy, of course!) Last summer I skipped a lot at Hersheypark, a local amusement park. That was a LOT of fun!


Chris Newby in Dardanelle, Arkansas says, “What i love most about skipping is spreading kindness and joy throughout the world and my favorite place to skip is everywhere!”

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